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Catherine Wihtol de Wenden

Catherine Wihtol de WendenCatherine Wihtol de Wenden

Catherine Withol de Wenden is doctor in Politicals Sciences (Institute for Political Studies in Paris, IEP, ). Director of research at the National Center for Scientific Research ( CNRS, CERI), she is an expert of international migrations for the past twenty years. She has implemented several works, conducted many studies on the ground, and directed different comparative researches, mainly on a European scale. She has been a consultant for the OECD, for the Council of Europe, the European Commission and "external expert" for the United Nations refugee Agency. She is a memeber of the National Commission for Deontology and Security. She wrote many articles and several books on migration since 1987. Her last published books are:  Atlas des migrations: Un équilibre mondial à inventer. Autrement, Paris, 2012 and La Globalisation humaine, Paris, PUF, 2009 ; La Question migratoire au XXIe siècle : migrants, réfugiés et relations internationales, Paris, Presses de Sciences-Po, 2nd edition,  2013. She made a presentation at the final conference held in Paris for the Migrapass (lLeonardo da Vinci, 2010-2012).

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