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Projets associés au partenaire iriv

MigrActrices - 2012-2013


Initiated by Assfam, Adel and iriv, the MigrActrices project is supported by the Direction de l'Accueil, de l'Integration et de la Citoyenneté (DAIC) at the Minister of Interior.


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Trans-Cité - 2012-2013


Initiated by iriv together with the Assfam, the project Trasn-Cité is supported by the Regional Council of Ile de France (CRIF)


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Valbuk - 2012-2014


Initiated by the ECAP Foundation, the Valbvuk  is a Leonardo da Vinci project, under the Lifelong learning programme. 8 countries are partners: Switzerland (leader), Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Slovebia.


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AllinHE - 2011-2014


Initiated by the Inholland University, an Erasmus project under the programme Lifelong Learning. 8 countries are associated: the Netherlands (leader), Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland plus a third country, South Korea.


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Migrapass - 2010-2012


Initiated by iriv together with Autremonde under the "Lifelong learning" programme (call for proposal 2010), the Migrapass  is a Leonardo da Vinci which gathers five countries : France (leader), Austria, Bulgaria, Spain and United Kingdom. Scored first position at the  call for proposals LLP - TOI in 2010 and at the final evaluation in 2013. 


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Tremplin-Migrant(e)s - 2010-2011


Initiated by iriv together with Autremonde, the project was supported both by the Regional Council in Ile de France and l'ACSE.


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Médiateur interculturel - 2009

Médiateur interculturelMédiateur interculturel

Initiated by iriv, the Mediateur-interculturel project was supported by the ACSE and Uniformation.


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TIPS - 2007-2009


A Multilateral project for development of innovation under the Leonardo da Vinci programme, initiated by Consorzio For.com, (Italy) in five countries: Austria, France, Greece, Italy and Poland, meant to develop a training programme for cultural mediators.



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Involve - 2005-2006


Initiated by the European Center of Volunteering (ECV), this European project was supported by the European Commission in the framework of the INTI Programme , Directorate General Justice and Home Affairs, Direction B : Immigration , asylum and borders. Eight countries were involved : Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Hungary, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.



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Mem-Vol - 2003


On behalf of the German Institute, INBAS-Sozialforschung, this European project constituted the first phasis of a Transnational Exchange Programme (2002-2006) under the Community Action Programme to Combat Social Exclusion (2002-2006). Six countries were partners : Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


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