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Projets associés au pays Suisse

Di&Di - 2013-2015


Initiated by iriv together with Enda-Europe, the Di&Di project- enhancing Diversity and struggling against Discrimination gathers 5 European countries: France, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. It offers a training for graduate youngsters and unqualified women, both sharing a migratory background and a mentoring to professionals working in RH.

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Valbuk - 2012-2014


Initiated by the ECAP Foundation, the Valbvuk  is a Leonardo da Vinci project, under the Lifelong learning programme. 8 countries are partners: Switzerland (leader), Austria, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Slovebia.

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AllinHE - 2011-2014


Initiated by the Inholland University, an Erasmus project under the programme Lifelong Learning. 8 countries are associated: the Netherlands (leader), Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland plus a third country, South Korea.

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